robotics & visual inspection
Our use cases
More autonomy for robotic systems
Reaching highest levels of robotic autonomy is a challenge. Developers can use our toolsets to improve the performance of their UAV systems - with quicker and more capable perception A.I. Our applications enable a wide range of use cases for autonomous navigation, object recognition and real-time surface inspection.
task automation
Autonomous systems increasingly face the challenge of becoming more flexible and independent. UAVs have to find a way from A to B and avoid obstacles in between. In production environments, robots need to correctly place components with frequently changing specifications, while also being able to recognize faulty parts.
Building on our ability to simulate exactly the A.I. training data we need, our software toolkit helps to improve the performance of robotic systems. Our algorithms can be flexibly adapted to changing product requirements. At the same time, quick data availability speeds up the process to bring new .
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Aerial image analytics
Drones & Satellites
Satellites, drones and other systems produce tons of aerial images each year. Our A.I. solutions enable users to efficiently identify and analyze elements in aerial images - with massively improved results.
This allows for monitoring opportunities in diverse fields such as farming or infrastructure maintenance.
Researchers - often drowning in unused data - are able to analyze topographical features, state of soil and vegetation or global trends in urbanization more easily.
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industry 4.0
Surface Inspection
About one third of automation potential in manufacturing is linked to A.I. However, only a fraction has been implemented due to task complexity, task variation and expected high costs. Many SMEs haven't even realized what their potential is!
Building on a growing library of simulated objects, materials and environments, we are able to provide a wide range of visual inspection and quality control systems. Solutions can be deployed before the start of production and within a short amount of time.
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